Courses & Workshops

2019 LOD training events:
Language of Dance® Master Practitioner Certification: Module A 

Types of Training Available

The LODC, USA offers four types of educational services: Tasters and Workshops, Thematic Content Courses, Language of Dance Foundations, and three levels of Certification in the LOD Approach.

Tasters and Workshops experientially introduce participants to the Movement Alphabet concepts and symbols.
Thematic content courses immerse participants in a specific area of application: technique, composition, assessment, pedagogy, dance history, creative movement, or improvisation using selected Movement Alphabet concepts. Participants use the LOD Framework to develop lessons to implement. These great experiences could be a one-hour taster or anywhere between a 3 hour to 4 day workshop.
Foundations part one and two engage participants in a selected Movement Alphabet concepts theory and practice. Each part can be taken as a discrete entity. Participants are awarded certificates on the successful completion of each Foundations course.
Comprehensive education in the Language of Dance Approach is offered through three stages of certification. Collectively, these courses sequentially and substantively explore the full scope and depth of the Language of Dance framework as presented in Your Move: The Language of Dance Approach to the Study of Movement and Dance (Guest & Curran 2008). These experiential and inquiry-based courses are taken in order. Stage 1: Language of Dance Fundamentals builds upon the theory, principles, and application of the basic building blocks of the Movement Alphabet presented in the pre-requisite Language of Dance Foundations courses. Each stage of certification progresses in depth of theory and application to creatively cultivate and pedagogically integrate dance literacy into the teaching and learning of dance and dance in education. Participants are awarded certificates on the successful completion of each stage of coursework. Those who complete the Stage 3 final project receive the designation of Language of Dance® Specialist. Certification courses must be taken sequentially. Specialist Apprenticeships are arranged on a case-by-case basis for Certified LOD Specialists who would like to teach at the certification level. If you would like more information about LOD certification, please email Rachel Wurman.
Invitation only events! These seven-day courses provide you with a playful learning and creating experience to share new pedagogical developments in the LOD Approach and also an opportunity for professional exchange, dance literacy sharing, and exploring new ideas. The LOD approach has evolved to include equal emphasis on theory, application, and pedagogy. The result is the new Language of Dance Foundations courses emphasizing multiple applications of the Movement Alphabet in dance education and creative practices. The LOD Practioner Professional Development events allow time for us to share the LOD approach with you and have you share your LOD methods with us.