Language of Dance Centre celebrates their 50th Anniversary and Language of Dance Center celebrates our 20th Anniversary!

On October 28th, The LODC (UK and USA) celebrated their 50th and 20th Anniversary milestones, and the 99th birthday of our founder Ann Hutchinson Guest at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. 

The afternoon began with a free Language of Dance workshop, followed by a panel discussion on the applications of LOD in the UK, USA, Mexico, and Japan. A Q&A with the LOD panel of guests from around the world concluded the afternoon.  That evening, the festivities continued at an invitation-only Gala complete with memorabilia of Ann and LOD; a look back on the 50 years of the LODC UK, as well as a brief presentation about the LODC USA history and our bright future; cocktails, fun, and a few surprises for Ann’s big birthday. A wonderful time was had by all.

Happy 99th Birthday, AHG!