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Language of Dance® Master Practitioner Certification: Modules B and C

Hosted by:

Loyola Marymount University Department of Theatre and Dance
Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, July 8 through Friday, July 17, 2020

Register & Pay for Modules B and C:

3 payment options are available: check; credit/debit card or PayPal; or arrange a payment plan.
Pay by check made payable to Language of Dance Center and mailed to:
Language of Dance Center
Susan Gingrasso
4308 Heffron Street
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Pay by credit or debit card, or PayPal:
Certification: Modules B and C Package Rates
Certification: Module B Rates
Certification: Module C Rates

Optional payment plan:
Arrange a payment plan for your Module B and C registration. Payment increments must result in full payment  by September 1, 2019 for Module B or by December 31, 2019 for Module C to confirm registration. Please contact Tina Curran to arrange payment plan.

Become a Master Language of Dance Practitioner by completing our full certification program. The full certification course (3 modules) delves into the complete system of LOD pedagogy and motif notation use and application and how to make it useful in your practice. The three modules must be completed in sequence. We are offering them in a summer, winter, summer (2019-2020) sequence. In all three modules, you will: write and interpret scores, have formative practice teaching using the LOD pedagogy and compositional tools, receive resources, focus your own project, and experience mentorship through the process.

Total Hours in 3 modules: (200 Hour Certification Process) are structured around the following concepts, which are summarized here:

 Module A: Held July 8-17, 2019, REVIEW and EXTENSION into new specifics in concept families: Action/Stillness, Motion/Destination, Flexion/Extension, Rotation, Springing, Travel/Floorplans, Relationships, Situations in Meeting, Change of Support, Part Leading, Parts of Body, Dynamics, Emotional Dynamics, Direction, Body Key and Standard Key, Intro to Labanotation, Beginning level readings. Start project.

 Module B: (Fall-winter-spring Intermediate, online course module in once-a-month format with partner, small group, and mentor) DEEPENING and Learning Specifics and details: Springing combined with other actions, more Relationships, Folding/Contracting/Joining, Twisting using Parts of Body, Tilting, Shifting (isolations), Travel combined with other actions, Gestural Pathways, Design Drawing, Scatter/Gather, Left-Right Staff, Intro to Labanotation, Intermediate level readings. Continue developing project.

 Module C: (July 8-17, 2020 in Los Angeles, Advanced material and final projects) Shape, Symmetrical/Asymmetrical, Balance/Falling, Spiral Pathways, Gestural Pathways, Looking/Seeing/Gazing, Direction of Progression, Minor Directions, Constant Cross Key and Stance Key, Intro to Labanotation, Advanced level readings. Sharing of final project. Certificate awarded upon completion with invitation to co-teach LOD Foundations courses.

Course Rates

Module B and C Package Rates: Must Register by 9/1/19

$1750 until August 15, 2019

$1900 until September 1, 2019

Module B Rates:  Must Register by 9/1/19 (online monthly meetings during interim between Module A & C)

$750 until August 15, 2019

$850 until September 1, 2019

Module C Rates: (July 8-17, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA)

$1000 until December 31, 2019

$1200 until March 31, 2020

Refund Policies:

Module B: No refunds after registration is paid.

Module C: $100 administrative fee will be applied to registered payment if canceled by May 1, 2020. No refunds after May 1, 2020. 

Instructors are Language of Dance Certification Specialists:

LAUSD Salary Points Available.

Required Texts: Find ordering information under Reference Materials in our Online Shop.

For more information, email:

Course Description and Benefits

Language of Dance® Master Practitioner Certification: Module B and C

Enlighten your dance practice using the Language of Dance Approach (invented and developed by Dr. Ann Hutchinson Guest) in Module B and C, the second and final sections of a three-part certification process leading to becoming a Language of Dance Specialist. Cultivate your confidence with reading, writing, and utilizing Motif Notation scores to deepen your dance and revitalize your practice. Offered for the first time in over a decade, this is your chance to join the global network of notation literate artists, teachers, and scholars.

Completion of LOD Foundations Parts 1 and 2, and Module A are required.

Benefits of engagement in the Language of Dance Master Practitioner Certification: Module B and C:

Study of the Language of Dance Approach will deepen your aesthetic and artistic beliefs, values, and philosophy leading to expansion and clarification of  your artistic and pedagogical practices. You will gain cognitive, physical, aesthetic, and social-emotional experience of the breadth and depth of the Language of Dance® Movement Alphabet as you:  

HOUSING Options for Module C:

·       Airbnb, in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles around the LMU campus, ranges from $36-$74/night (cheapest deal would be if you share a house/condo with a few course participants. We can connect you with other interested parties). Search around 1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045. That is the Westchester neighborhood around the university.

·       Custom Hotel, which is a 15 to 20-minute walk to campus, approximately $96/night single.