Corazón Tierra, MA, MS, RSME, LOD Master Practitioner is a dance educator, somatic movement educator, interdisciplinary dancemaker and poet. For more than two decades, Corazón has been creating experiences that blur the boundaries between art and life, and between personal transformation and community healing. She teaches dance to children, youth, and families in New York City. Her main emphasis as a dance educator is to provide a joyful and non-judgmental atmosphere where adults and children feel safe and confident to express themselves through dance. Corazón is the creator of EduDanza™, a somatic movement dance education approach for children of all ages.

As a dancemaker, Tierra is best known for harmoniously fusing her poetry and dance in performances that explore the connection of the female body with the natural world. Tierra has shared her work in the US and internationally, in countries such as Spain, South Africa and Puerto Rico. She offers her dance creations as an invitation to be present in the body, in the here and now, free of shame and judgment. A key aspect in her dance work is the exploration of kinesthetic empathy as a means for harmonizing Self with others, community, and the planet.

Corazón is a Master Teaching Artist and Professional Learning Trainer with LEAP. In this role, Corazon designs and implements professional development trainings focused on dance education, literacy, and Social Emotional Learning.  Corazón holds a Master of Arts in Dance and Somatic Well-being from the University of Central Lancashire (UK), and a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education and Social Emotional Learning from Erikson Institute. She is a LOD Master Practitioner, an ISMETA’s Registered Somatic Movement Educator, and a DEL Facilitator in Training.