Revisiting LOD was refreshingly fun this fall and winter!

Revisiting LOD

13 lucky LOD Practitioners from around the globe zoomed in to join Teacher Trainer Beth Megill for our first ever Language of Dance short course. As usual, Beth was incredibly generous with her time and materials, and each participant came away with oodles of scores, ideas, and inspiration to dance with after our sessions. 

Some participants chose to learn asynchronously and used the session recordings to participate and review on their own time, while others were eager to dance with our supportive group on 3 Saturday mornings from October through January. Concepts explored included: action, stillness, travel, rotation, shape, levels, support, spring, accent, and force.

If you missed this amazing learning opportunity, have no fear. Due to the success of this, our first short course, the LODC has already begun to plan additional short courses on a variety of topics. Stay tuned- AND if you have a suggestion for a future short course, please let us know