Announcing a new LOD Pedagogy Textbook by Language of Dance Teacher Trainer Dr. Teresa Heiland.

Available through Intellect Books and University of Chicago Press, LOD Teacher Trainer Dr. Teresa Heiland releases her new pedagogy textbook: Leaping into Dance Literacy through the Language of Dance®.

Leaping into Dance Literacy through the Language of Dance® presents the theory and purpose underpinning the approaches to dance literacy as explored by the Language of Dance® community in the USA and UK. Through their teacher training programs, they are changing the face of dance-based dance literacy using motif notation. We are in a new era for educating with dance notation, focusing on learners’ engagement by making connections between the learning domains using constructivist and constructionist learning approaches.

Arts-literate dancers can deepen their dance craft and transfer their arts knowledge, capacities, and skills to lifelong learning. Dance-based dance literacy practices using notation enhance learners’ flexibility, adaptability, self-direction, initiative, productivity, responsibility, leadership, and cross-cultural skills.

Useful for preschool and primary teachers aiming to integrate dance into classroom experiences and for secondary teachers teaching dance and looking to upgrade their approach to dance literacy so students are able to achieve higher level cognitive learning, problem solving, and social skills in dance classrooms.

Choreographers and dance teachers will find new approaches to dance making and to expressing their craft using a system that is well codified and now augmented with examples to guide them with making their own projects and processes.

Anyone with an interest in the idea of dance literacy will find concrete examples of how to put their knowledge into practice to advance their teaching and dance making.

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