La Vivandiere Pas De Six

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By Dr. Ann Hutchinson Guest

Ann Hutchinson Guest's Labanotation score of Arthur Saint-Leon's pas de six from 'La Vivandiere'. As well as the notations, the book contains piano scores of the works, as well as detailed historical, study and performance, and production notes. The Pas de Six from La Vivandiere is the only ballet preserved intact from the glorious period of the Romantic Ballet. Because it was recorded in detail by the choreographer Arthur Saint-Leon in his own dance notation system it could be revived faithfully for audiences to enjoy and students and scholars to study. The historical background of the piece - the period, the choreography, the style - has been provided by world renowned ballet historian Ivor Guest. The Study and Performance Notes which provide a guide in studying and reviving the ballet are the result of productions of the work for professional companies. Publication of the ballet in Labanotation, the contemporary dance notation system, makes the choreography accessible internationally to researchers, students, teachers and dancers. While the steps are technically challenging, the ballet is an excellent piece for students to dance, thereby gaining insight into the Romantic Ballet style.