Robert Le Diable Ballet of the Nuns

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By Dr. Ann Hutchinson Guest and Knud Arne Jurgensen

Ann Hutchinson Guest's Labanotation score of The Ballet of the Nuns from Meyerbeer's opera 'Robert le Diable', notated by August Bournonville from Filippo Taglioni's choreography.  The book contains notation, piano scores, and detailed historical, performance and production notes. 'Robert le Diable - The Ballet of the Nuns' offers a new approach to the study of one of the most epoch-making works in European ballet history. Based on the choreographic notations made by the great nineteenth-century Danish choreographer, August Bournonville, this spectral dance scene has been recreated by Dr. Knud Arne Jurgensen with the precision afforded by Labanotation, here recorded by Ann Hutchinson Guest. Supported by extensive historical source materials and study and performance notes, the book not only enables us to unearth a hitherto lost ballet from the Romantic period, but also represents the most accurate possible reflection of the very pulse of Romantic Ballet.