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Language of Dance® Certification Stage 2 and Stage 3

Asynchronous Monday through Friday, April 30-July 1, 2021

Synchronous April 30, May 14, May 26, June 11 and 23, 2021

Registration Rate: $200
Required Texts:
Your Move: The Language of Dance Approach to the Study of Movement and Dance 2nd Edition
Your Move: The Language of Dance Approach to the Study of Movement and Dance 2nd Edition Exercise Sheets



The purposes of this Certification Stage 2 and 3 coursework is to prepare you to achieve Language of Dance® Master Practitioner status by (1) building skills, knowledge, and understanding in selected LOD theory and content and (2) developing a LOD synthesis project for peer presentation.

Upon successful completion of the course and synthesis project assignments and presentation of your LOD Synthesis Project, you will be awarded certification as a Language of Dance Master Practitioner. As you have already completed the Bridge course, upon being awarded your MP Certification, you are eligible to enter the LODC Teacher Trainer program to teach the Foundations courses and/or Master Practitioner courses.

Course Goals and Objectives

The goal of this course is to expand your skill, knowledge, and understanding of LOD theory, concepts, and pedagogy expected of a Master Practitioner.  You will prepare and present a LOD synthesis project to your peers that integrates LOD theory and pedagogy relevant to your practice and/or research. 

To accomplish these goals, you will achieve these objectives:

  1. Apply understanding to completion of exercise sheets, interpretations, and related notation assignments from selected chapters in Your Move 2nd ed.
  2. Develop/assemble a synthesis project based on previous work or needs you have for your practice/research.
  3. Embed LOD theory, pedagogy, and notation as integral components of your LOD synthesis project.
  4. Present your synthesis project and related guided lesson to your peers.
  5. Reflect on your learning and growth.

Stage 2 Content from Your Move 2nd Edition

1.   C 12: Relationships: Further developments (all of the passing forms and more about holds and cancellations—which will be a review from the Bridge course materials)

2.      C 15: Directions: The Diagonals (introduce constant Key)

3.      C 16: Turning of Body Parts: Unit Rotations, Twist

4.      C 18: Relationship: Situations in Meeting; Looking (palm facing, looking, gazing)

5.      C 19: Specific Directional Actions: Tilting, Shifting, Minor displacements

6.      C 21: Direction: Systems of Reference (body key, standard key, Stance key and constant Key

7.      Dynamics: Review physical and delve into emotional

Stage 3 Project Synthesis Presentation

1.    Meet with your faculty mentor to discuss, refine, review your presentation.

2.      Synthesis Video: Create and upload 6-7-minute a video to your YouTube channel and to LODC Google Drive

3.   Guided Activity: Prepare and present a 13-minute maximum lesson or artistic experience over Zoom to give us a taste of one way you have used, are using Motif notation in your project.