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Presenting the birthday tributes for our remarkable

Ann Hutchinson Guest.

Compiled with love by,

The Language of Dance Center, USA


Dearest Ann

On Birthday number 97

Congratulations are in order

But how to make this the best greeting ever

Will take us over Borders

Your sharing of your vast knowledge

Of dances, past and present

Gives the dance and music world

a history that is rich and pleasant

So as I wish you bonchance on this, your day

I am here to thank you in every way

How much you mean to all our worlds

Especially to mine, I do SAY

Love and appreciation


Helene Scheff RDE


Dear Ann,

What a gift you are to the world!!!!

It was such a treat for me to get to know you better this summer at ICKL and to spend an hour or so with you in your home.  You are gracious, witty and a model for all who want to keep on keeping on. Your clarity about movement and dance are legendary.  Your ability to keep the Laban work expanding is heroic.

Best wishes, peace and good health to you and that charming husband of yours.

With love and respect, a huge fan,

Pat Debenham


Ann Hutchinson Guest is my model for a life being well-lived. I first encountered her presence and her valuable presents in my first Labanotation classes at Juilliard in 1959. She has never stopped growing and giving, and I admire and adore her continuous presents and lovely presence. She remains as charming as ever and is the brightest star in our dance universe.

Myron Howard Nadel, Professor

Department of Theatre and Dance

University of Texas at El Paso


Joan Finkelstein



Every good wish to Ann!!!!!!!! You have set an amazingly high standard for us all by your astounding work and of course, by your deeply creative and dedicated work over so many years...a standard for us all!!!

With admiration and love....

Nancy Lassalle @ Ballet Society,Inc


Dear Ann,

I want to wish you a happy and healthy birthday. You are an inspiration to us all, for so many reasons.

Lots of love from,

Sian x

Sian Ferguson



Marion Bastien


From the DNB archive: Ann with Knust and Maria at 1975 ICKL.

ICKL in Herisau, Switzerland. 1975; photographs (black and white); 3.5” x 5”, 1975; Subjects: Event--Conference; ICKL (R-L: Ann Hutchinson, Albrecht Knust, Maria Szentpal)



Mei-Chen Lu


Dear Ann,

Wow, what a grand age you have reached! Many congratulations. You have certainly done a huge amount for Dance and Dance Education. Thank you so much. I am truly honoured to know you. Have a very, very Happy Birthday.

It would be very good indeed if the world could have access to some of your brilliant work via digital technology. Last time we met I showed you our pilot education resource and we talked very excitedly about the possibility of making one on L’après Midi D’un Faune. Tina had access to our pilot on a memory stick I gave her. Unfortunately, I just could not afford the trip to attend this year’s NDEO conference so was not able to follow-up. Although this is not a tribute to you, I would like to give you one of the demos in the hope that imaginations can fly towards making this a reality.

All the very best of wishes for your birthday.

With love,


Dr. Jacqueline Smith-Autard


Dear Ann:

I cherish this memory and so many others.  Thank you for being a professional inspiration and for sharing in personal moments so generously.

Leslie Rotman


Birthday greetings, darling Ann.

Remember the days in 1951 when we cooked supper in your apartment and discussed Laban Notation after classes at Julliard? And the Bureau was in 2 small rooms of an elevator shaft (on separate floors!) down in the Village?  What an incredible journey you have made, changing the face of the dance world. How fortunate that world is to have had you with your wisdom, brains and stamina! And how fortunate I am to have had you for a friend these 63 years.  I treasure our friendship, dear loyal friend, and celebrate your illustrious life, as do so very many others.  Martin and I send much dear love on this momentous occasion and wish we could be there to hug you.

Happy Birthday,

Dearest Annie

Ann Stevens


Margot Faught





Marcia and Arthur Lloyd


Ann has given the dance community so many gifts. She was my very first Labanotation teacher at Jacob's Pillow in the early 1960's. I still have the folk dance book we used.  Throughout the years I have re-met Ann at various occasions. She always brought so much grace and love for dance to every encounter.  I remember sitting with her in Longbeach CA as she told the story of the Labanotation phrase found on the outside wall of the dance studio.  Just one of her many "footprints."

A very Happy Birthday!!

With deepest affection,

Pamela Sofras,

Professor Emeritus, UNC Charlotte


97 years young! Dance has kept you young and vibrant.  A life influencing so many people, helping the dance world understand the foundations of dance and movement. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Ann. It has been my pleasure getting to know you.

Lynn Monson


Dear Ann,

NDEO 10/15, Margot and Ann

An almost rhyme, For Ann:

I met you back in PA

I liked you and notation, logical in every way.

We met again in Juilliard,

You were kind and supportive

Which with my attitude must have been hard.

I went my way, you went yours,

Lo and Behold we met again on Madison’s shores.

And then LOD captured my mind,

We met again in recent  time.

You are a beacon of light and intelligence,

I hope to reflect just a touch of your diligence.

Beautiful, flexible, charming and smart,

You are my beacon, this comes from my heart.

And now in another rhythm:

I’ve known Ann since forty-eight,

Always lovely, always great.

Introduced me to those funny symbols,

The arms, the feet, traveling,

Made simple and visual:

A graphic reminder

Of my directions, a finder.

NDEO 10/15, Susan Gingrasso, Margot, Ann, Tina Curran


With love, respect, awe and deep affection.


Margot Mink Colbert


I discovered Your Move soon after it was first published, seeing instantly what a valuable resource it would be for teaching our Laban-based practice and theory of movement course in the Grad Diploma Movement & Dance at Melbourne College of Advanced Education, Australia. I remember vividly how students were able to find their personal styles in your 'pre-Laban’ motivators for moving: visual design, anatomical changes, relationship, weight/balance, motion, dynamics, rhythmic patterns and directional destination. In 1985 I encountered you on the dance floor at the Dance and the Child International (daCi) conference banquet in Auckland, New Zealand. A line of Maori female elders observed us approvingly from the side of the marae. I’ve remembered the experience all these years.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays,

Karen Bond

Temple University Department of Dance

Philadelphia PA



We would be without structure and sequence if it weren't for your genius.  Moving forward with your knowledge has been a pleasure.

Best wishes,


Dalienne Majors

Dance Fitness Teacher and Musical Choreographer

The Berkeley Carroll School


Birthdays are celebrations that bring and spread joy. May you have many more joyous returns of the day.


D. Green

Doris Green


Dear friend Ann...

Sending you a big hug for 97! WOW!

How wonderful to know about your continued commitment and offerings to all of us via LOD and dance education, in general.

I will always cherish our friendship and times together, as student and teacher.

Always yours,


Michael Richter


Thank you Ann Hutchinson

A poem by Sarah McCormick


Language of Dance

Is seen in the bones

Is seen in writing

Is seen through the soul

Is seen through the sky,

Moon, dirt, and sun


Ann behold your


Hutchinson embodies



Language of Dance

Is kept within words,

Symbols and space

Is fought in creativity

Is realized and affirmed

With the dignity of energy


Ann Hutchinson has

Given the community

Of dancers, teachers,

Performers, and dare I

Say philosophers a

Unique vision of movement


Language of Dance

Is celebration of the body

Is celebration of thought

Is celebration of the phenomenon

Of dance


Thank you Ann Hutchinson!

Sarah McCormick

Associate Professor of Dance

Department of Visual & Theatre Arts

University of Tennessee Martin


Happy 97th birthday to Ann Hutchinson Guest, one legendary lady.

As a Pillow student in 1941 and '42, she studied with Ted Shawn, Joe Pilates, and Bronislava Nijinska, performing on the Ted Shawn Theatre stage during its first season. She went on to co-found the Dance Notation Bureau and taught at the Pillow for many years, as seen in this John Lindquist photo featuring her one-of-a-kind Labanotation skirt! She continues to visit each summer with husband Ivor, and we look forward to welcoming them back in 2016.

Jacob's Pillow Dance


Dear Ann,

I have no words to express my gratefulness about your teachings. My life was changed from the moment that I learned LOD. From this moment I have been working in different ways with it, and you know, I have been spreading it in my country. I have also been teaching LOD in a Master of Education with school teachers, and doing some research about how they teach it in public schools. I have been really, really happy to do this, and all because I had the opportunity to know you and the LOD.

I wish you a wonderful birthday and I hope that I can see you soon.

With love,

Alejandra Ferreiro from Mexico City


A lady of noble appearance

Brings dance into greater coherence ~~

With details notated

A treasury's created

Through Ann's absolute perseverance.

(Joan Kunsch,  November 2015)

Joan Kunsch




Sending aloha and mahalo to Ann on her birthday. She graciously invited me into her home in 1977 when I was on a sabbatical leave from my teaching and we have kept in touch ever since. We also both attended the World Dance Alliance conference in Hong Kong in 1990 and the China trip after the conference. Good memories with a wonderful lady. Let’s go for 100!!


Mary Jo Freshley



Dear Ann- Happy Birthday to such a vibrant and engaged life learner & innovator! It was a pleasure to see you at ICKL in July.

You make us jump for joy!


Balinda Craig-Quijada (and Vicki Watts)


Budapest, Hungary during ICKL 2011 conference.

Best wishes to Ann from Budapest!

Gabor Misi


Happy birthday Ann with many memories of the early days collaborating in London, demonstrating at the English Speaking Union for one, at a time when all our materials were hand drawn with no such thing as a Xerox machine to make copies.

Best wishes

Valerie Preston-Dunlop


Dana Luebke

Dear Ann,

At 97 years of age

But ever young at heart

Your spirit, from the Laban page,

Inspires the dancer's art

With warm wishes for a Happy Birthday now and always,

Rhonda (Ryman) and Jack Kane


Dear Ann,

Here is a photo of Thomas Lebrun and us with city officials at the dinner hosted by the City of Tours welcoming ICKL on 25 July 2015.

Birthday Wishes.



Billie Lepczyk


Dearest Ann,
My best wishes for your birthday. May you enjoy your day with all your friends knowing that friends who cannot be with you in person are there with you. Our spirits are dancing with you!
Lots of love and greatest respect for all you have done for all of us.
Elsa Posey
Dear Ann:
Thank you so much for all you have done for Movement Analysis!!!!
I am so glad we were able to share lunch a long time ago when we were somewhere at the same time. I cannot remember the somewhere nor the when but I sure remember you!
Love you!
Claire Porter

Dearest Ann,
Happy, happy birthday. Your contribution to the history of dance and to the future of dance is extraordinary. Magnificent in fact. (And I don't use those terms lightly) Allan and I are so very honored to know you and count you among our friends. But along with all your scholarly contributions there is also your wonderful spirit, enthusiasm, grace, generosity and gallantry. Thank you for all that you have given us and your gifts to the many students, dancers, and scholars of the future who will continue to benefit from your gifts.
All our love to you,
Beth (Genné) and Allan (Gibbard)

Some LOD love from my first grade students at LREI!

Deborah Damast



Dora Aldama


Dear Ann,

I hold you in my heart every day. I always invoke your spirit and knowledge when I teach dance. My students know your name and legacy. Their dances and notations speak volumes about your impact and legacy. I know you changed my life, my dancing, my thinking about the thinking behind the doing of dance. Thank you.

Bless you and thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Edward C. Warburton

Ps. My son, Haydn, loves to strike a pose and call it a ...


Teresa Pee

I have ALWAYS enjoyed being with Ann:
· ...dancing with her (in our Integrated Movement Studies Certificate Programs),
· ...being in ICKL conferences with her---especially the one many years ago that was held at OSU, in which she was so upset that I did not immediately like her "active stillness" symbol, SHE TOOK OFF HER SHOE AND THREW IT AT ME! I love this because she is so PASSIONATE and invested in her work!
· ....another memorable moment was when I missed my plane at Heathrow (due to my own stupidity), and did not have ANY money for a hotel overnight in London. Naturally, I telephoned Ann immediately! She said that, of course, I could come over....BUT only if I worked as a "Laban Slave" for the evening. The moment I knocked on her door she welcomed me with a Labanotation score in her hand, and sat me down immediately to proof-read it!!!
· I still stand by my belief that Motif Writing is for setting out general ideas...not becoming overly nit-picking. In my mind, this relates to the overall Laban idea of the "Goddess" and the "Demon" (which he discusses in The Mastery of Movement." I feel our system of Motif Writing gives us the possibility to live into the "Goddess of Clarity," but can also bring on the dreaded "Demon of Hyper-mentality."
Here is a photo from one of my recent encounters with the Dance Literacy weekend conference at OSU.

There is so much left to say---I feel I carry her enthusiasm within me, and (confession) I covet her LN skirt!!

Peggy Hackney


Intelligent, vivacious, playful, beautiful, and elegant. What more could one ask for in a mentor, role model, teacher and friend?
Dearest Ann, you are a one-of-a-kind that has changed the way I see the world and the way I see dance. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!
With deep gratitude,
Beth Megill

Teresa Heiland & the LMU Students


An Ann Hutchinson Guest

Photo Album

NDEO Conference 2004: Buffalo, NY

AHG 89th Birthday~LODC, USA 10 year & LODC, UK 40 year Anniversary~Your Move Book Launch Celebration, 2007

Dear Ann,

Happy 97 and Fabulous Birthday!

Your work, brilliance, research, and initiatives have contributed so much to the dance and dance education fields. You have greatly and magnificently changed the world of dance, and since 2003, you have greatly and magnificently changed my world. Because of you, I have a cherished place in the wonderful LOD family that you began. I am honored to know you, work with and for you, and call you my family.

So much love,


Rachel Wurman





Happy 97th Birthday Ann!

For every star in the sky, there is a blessing I can count for the gifts you have shared with me and lives you have touched: your rich library of knowledge, world travels, new friends and extended family, dancing at will - anywhere and anytime, creative time, tea time, play time and laughter...much laughter and joy.

You are very much loved,


Tina Curran